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Concrete in Your Shower

What do you think of this Custom shower using precast board-form concrete panels? The board-form panels “bleed” into a more contemporary plank tile. This shower design also features a custom concrete shower pan and floating seat. Have a Rustic home? We think this would be perfect for you!

Case Because It’s Your Home


Brizo® is proof positive that form and function are one and beautifully the same. Brizo ® was able to take that Technology that we all love and put it in the place that most of our time is spent!! In the Kitchen! We at Case Love this Technology!! Simple Clean and Stylish. We at Case Want to Know How You Feel About it!!! Watch the Video and Tell Us!

Case Because It’s Your Home.

 Is Freestanding Soild Surface for You?

For those of you who want to make a design statement! IT’S RIGHT FOR YOU.. Photo graphed is a MTI ® , This tub is constructed using MTI’s Engineered Solid-Stone™. Each one of these tubs are Handmade . Our Assistant Project Manager, Samantha Hunt, has had a chance to Visit the MTI ® facility and she says ” This manufacture hands down knows how to construct a hearty product without making sacrifice to style! These are absolutely gorgeous tubs that can make any temporary or traditional bathroom an true statement piece”. We have samples of this beautifully engineered product in our office!!!  MTI ® always manufactures Solid Surface Shower floors and Lavatory Sinks! What a great way to harmonize your entire bathroom!   Contact us and will be more than happy to bring them to you and you can see for yourself how beautiful it truly is.

CASE Because It’s Your Home